Hello, this is Rafał Mierzejewski. I have been dealing with graphics and design for 15 years; I have followed the full path of graphic design and currently I am designing visual forms for modern advertising campaigns, applications, graphic concepts and directions;
I work in the world-renowned London Production House Unit9 and the Polish Le Polish Beauro dealing with the creation of campaigns commissioned by global advertising agencies. I deal with Web Design, Application Design, UI for games, VR, AR, Key Visuals, creative concepts and Art Directioning;

What I do for myself:
I work and have worked for: Bentley, Bvlgari, Netflix, Samsung, Google, Nike, Volkswagen, Mastercard, Microsoft, HM, Toyota and many others; I also design organic hobby compositions in 3D;
The main tools I use at work are: Blender (and many other 3D programs), Adobe Suite, Figma (for application design and webdesign and prototyping); And countless support tools. We learn new programs practically every day, and the three main ones are used to link things together;
As a practitioner, the motivation is to share knowledge outside the mainstream of education, as the market is currently too dynamic and searching for information requires many hours of searching;
What can I do for you:

- Assistance in the final project;
- Help in any graphic design;
- Get up-to-date and practical knowledge of graphics and graphic design; -
- Obtain information on advanced methods of connecting graphic elements with each other;
- How to sell your project successfully;
- Find out about the job market of graphic designers / designers in top agencies;
- Understand how you can define your own path in graphics and new media;
- How to combine different programs to stay ahead of others in the quality of your projects;
- Consult your portfolio and chances of being accepted into an advertising agency (Polish or foreign) and understand what distinguishes a good graphic designer from an average one;
- Learn how to create a project from scratch, UX presentation, art director path to production;
- Understand what the process of creating specific projects from my portfolio looks like;
- Find your place in the world of computer graphics;
Feel free to talk!
If you are interested, please contact me by email with a possible list of topics to be discussed. Then it will be much easier for me to prepare for the conversation / presentation and clarify the individual approach to make the most of the time given to us.
I also issue a VAT invoice for consulting services.
I use Google Meet for the conversation (I am sending a link to join).
I'm available in Polish and English
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